The flag as an announcement

 An advantageous use of the flag as an announcement.

Only relatively recently approximately last 100 years the flag has been used for its advantages in the business as an announcement for the support of the product selling, goods selling, services and for increasing visiting of different events and occasions.

The advantages of using of the flag:

The visibility - the flag on the pole or on the shaft is clearly visible also from the distance and from the closely too. To be visible, to be in the eyes is the basic condition for the business. The flag shows to the customers their way. The moving flag in the wind ensures the best eye-catching. The flag is dynamic announcement. The human was the hunter and the hunting impulses remained in us. It is easier to catch the sight by the flying flag.
The flag with eye-catching colourful design and shape attracts the attention and emotions of people. The producer recommends to let down it or to hang down by the attention of the strong and stormy whirlwind in order to avoid its damage.

The low price of the flag is interesting and accessible to everybody. The flag surely attracts the people ´s attention, speaks them and acquaints them. The flag changes the bystander’s people to the customers and shows them way in the morning and in the evening as well as in a different weather. The flag does not need to eat, drink or rest. The flag does not need anything, none care. The flag is only little investment with very fast return. The flag brings the business, pleasure and gladness.