The flag as a symbol

The most widespread use of the flag is symbol of the state.

The flag is a national symbol precisely defined in the Constitution, the law of the flag or the law on state symbols. The Act prescribes the form of flags, aspect ratio flags, displays the form of flags, flag colours and using of flags.

The Act 63/1993 NRSR about the state symbols of the Slovak Republic and their using have an obligation to use the flag of the Slovak Republic to mark the buildings occupied by all public authorities, armed forces, security corps, fire and rescue authorities and local governments. The authorities indicate the flag of Slovakia and the Head of the room.


The national flag is used to bunting with public holidays:


January 1 - Day of the Slovak Republic

July 5 - Feast of St. Cyril and Methodius

August 29 - Anniversary of the SNP

1. September - Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic

17 November - Struggle for Freedom and Democracy

The national flag is also used to call the Ministry of the Interior or the village.

Natural and legal persons may use the national flag. Using the national flag must be decent and must correspond with the position of state symbols of the Slovak Republic.

Using dirty, torn, damaged, wind contorted and knotty national flag is undignified and is against the law. It is important to ensure the timely exchange of flags and use appropriate technical solution for attaching the flag to fulfil is essential function:

Hoisted on a mast flutter in the wind.