The production of the flag

Flags are produced in different ways:

Embroidering – this mean is very demanding for time, money and education. It is suitable for historical flags and for one piece production and only for inside using.

Embroidering and applying – the mean where are the pieces of material sewed on each other and are combined with the embroidery. It is suitable for historical flags and standards, which are placed only in the interior.

Screen printing – the template is made for each colour and the colour is pressed through it. This mean is suitable for more pieces and repeated series. The best ration in the quality and price.

Digital printing on the paper and thermo sublimation from the paper to the cloth – modern mean of the flag production which is suitable for piece production and flag with soft line and very small motive.

Digital printing directly on the textiles – is the smartest mean in the flag production. It is suitable for small amount of pieces or for full coloured motives.

For printing are used dispersing colours with high level of resistance in the sun and in the wet areas. The colourful shade is strictly defined according to the colour list Pantone, RAL, HKS. The printed textiles must be afterwards heat – treated because of diffusing of the colour to the fibre and the excess colour is washed to avoid the leakage of the colour.

After washing is the next step cutting and sewing of the flag. On the shaft side of the flag is sewed by the double stitch polyester ribbon with the metal rings or the plastic snap hooks . The edges of the flag are double bent and sewed by double stitch of the polyester high solid thread. For the flags which are determined for the area with strong wind are sewed in the edges of the flying part slowing strips. The markedly lengthen the life time of the flag. For the flags with upper and lower frame are recommend on the reverse side to sew sheer polyester ribbons with rings and polyester string for multiple gripping of the flag by the carbines to the rope of the mast in order to the wind could not screw up and knot the flag. Special sewing have motorcycling flags in order to stay without any damage for thousand kilometres.

Applied and embroidered flag
Digital sublimation flag